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Nice to meet you, I am Jasper

Hi! Jasper here, the founder of Jasper.cloud. Natural born geek with a knack for web design and development. As I've been on the receiving end of dealing with hosting companies throughout my 17+ years career in web design and development, I met my share of hosting companies - all in various qualities.

And there's almost always something wrong, or incomplete. Through years of trying and sometimes failing, I learned the importance of having not only a reliable, but also a properly configured hosting environment for your online projects!

From this thought Jasper.cloud was born. We offer Managed Shared Cloud Hosting, Email Hosting and Website Security for clients who understand the importance of having a hosting environment that just works.

Company details

Snapcrowd H.O.D.N. Jasper.cloud
Spruytstraat 16c
3081 XJ  Rotterdam
The Netherlands

KvK: 65364171

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